There is power in sharing our stories

by Asha Dullabh, Integrative clinical psychologist

  We are BEINGS of thought processes. We are the software that is continually creating the totality of who we are, our personality, our character and our physical body. The mind, body and spirit as one.  

Becoming intimate with oneself is a tough and challenging journey. You are forced to delve deep into your vulnerable self. You are forced to really face, head on and embrace, your inner dialogue. This dialogue you engage with every moment of your existence.   

We live in a harsh world of judgement, non-acceptance and apathy, all of which start within ourselves. Our own thoughts, the way we judge ourselves, the words we say to ourselves, our inner dialogue forms part of our stories.

In my work with clients, I do not want to hear what they glibly say to others. I want to hear what they have never dared to share with others.  The words that they have not spoken is where the fear, shame, guilt exists which manifest in dis-ease and disease. I encounter this daily with those who seek healing. All of which begins with a single thought and escalates into an internal dialogue that become our life scripts that we play out naturally day after day. Life is like performing on a stage, playing different roles, wearing several masks that ultimately distract us from really connecting with our true authentic self.  

There is such power in sharing our stories, our life scripts. It is in our real sharing of our stories that we can heal each other.

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