Destress with Dr Arien van Der Merwe

In our interview with Dr Arien van Der Merwe, holistic medical doctor, she shared a few practical formulas that can help you destress.

  1. Belly Breathing
    Sit down whenever you become aware of disquieting feelings or emotions. Center yourself in your abdominal and pelvic area and start to deliberately relax your big muscle groups. Alternately contract and release lower leg muscles, then upper legs, buttocks, tummy, lower arms, upper arms, shoulders, neck, face and head. Say to yourself: just for now, I am calm in my mind, in my emotions and in my body. Then push out your belly as you breathe in deeply, hold for a few counts, and breathe out deeply, pulling your tummy tight in towards your spine. Hold. Start another cycle. Do this at least 10 times every time you feel upset, even if it’s all the time! It restores focused calm very quickly, puts you out of sympathetic stress mode (fear, panic, anxiety) into parasympathetic relaxation mode.

  2. Ginger Turmeric Cinnamon Tea
    Drink ginger, turmeric and cinnamon daily to support your immune system. Optional: add raw honey, rooibos tea and milk to make a delicious healing drink.
    Ginger: anti-viral – treats symptoms of colds and flu, reduces inflammation, aids in digestion, improves blood flow, prevents nausea and strengthens the immune system.
    Turmeric: anti-fungal, anti-viral, natural pain killer, blood sugar control, anti-inflammatory and immune booster.
    Cinnamon: anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, eases flu symptoms, blood sugar control.

Dr Arien will be sharing more of her successful recipes to destress in our webinar ‘Balance stress naturally’ to be released 8 August 2020. You can register for this online event for free by clicking here.


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