CBD oil for stress relief

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is well known to use for calming stress. It’s other benefits include:

  • brain protection
  • pain relief
  • muscle relaxant
  • strengthens the heart

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. A full spectrum oil contains all the beneficial properties of the plant while a broad spectrum contains only some of these.

What to look for with quality CBD:

  1. Natural farming practices
  2. 60 day money back guarantee
  3. No added fillers or ingredients
  4. Stored in an amber glass bottle
  5. Third party lab testing
  6. Certified by an authority in hemp industry
  7. Certificate of analysis to ensure free of mould, heavy metals, toxins
In the video clip below, Rhiannon Neuharth, CBD oil expert discusses the above in more detail.

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