Inside Insomnia

We all have heard the quote that sleep is the best medicine. It restores the body, calms the mind and can help to bring perspective to chaotic emotions. But what happens when sleep eludes you?


Did you know that your daily lifestyle choices affect the quality and quantity of your sleep?

  • Drinking enough clean water during the day will hydrate your brain and body sufficiently to keep you asleep at night.
  • Exercising regularly assists organs such as the liver to detox effectively while you sleep. Inactivity may result in a sluggish liver during the day which becomes overactive at night.
  • Breathing deeply outside air oxygenates the brain and cells in the body. Long, slow breathing for a few minutes every day assists the body and mind to detox up to seventy percent of toxins.

The Longevity Co’s webinar this month focuses on insomnia, an unfortunate disturbance for many people at this time. Continued lack of sleep can result in chronic fatigue, depression, impaired vision and much more.

Join our holistic health experts in this 90 minute discussion where they share a compilation of proven sustainable solutions for sleep challenges.

Click here to watch >> Inside Insomnia – a 90 minute webinar with solutions for sleeping well

Available to watch at anytime between 16 and 23 October 2020.  The webinar will go live 9am 16 Oct (SAST) and will be switched off at midnight 23 October (SAST).


Dr Arien van der Merwe – holistic medical doctor 

Dr Kevin Lentin – chiropractor and functional wellness specialist

Dr Salochanee Reddy -Ayurveda wellness practitioner 

Helen Hansen – kinesiologist

Featured Guest:
Mynie Grové – musician and entertainer shares her story of ‘Sleepless in SA’.

If you or a loved one is in desperate need of a quality  night’s rest and looking for sustainable solutions for restorative sleep, then ‘Inside Insomnia’ may just be the answer needed.

“It’s not about how much you sleep. It’s about what you do while you’re awake” – Gary Vaynerchuk

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