Energy Clearing

What is keeping you out of flow with the river of life? Sometimes we may not know what the obstacle or challenge is that is keeping us from being in rhythm with the universe, all we know is that there is a blockage.

Whether we know our challenges or triggers, energy healing can resolve traumas, stuck patterns and remove negative states from an individual or a space such as a home or office.

Inventor, engineer and futurist, Nikola Tesla stated: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Everything has a range of frequency, including every organ and cell in our bodies. Scientific research shows that our cells resonate and respond favourably to different frequencies just as there are certain frequencies which cause disturbance in the physical system. When our energetical anatomy is healthy this benefits our physical anatomy.

The energetical anatomy consists of:
meridians – pathways of current in the physical body
chakras – energy centres in and around the physical body
the auric field – fields of light around the physical body

When an area in the physical body is attacked by bacteria or a virus it needs a certain type of support. So too, when the energetical body is attacked by negative entities it needs specific assistance. We can bring balance and harmony into both the energetical and physical systems with specific clearings

1. Dancing to joyful music
Joyful movement literally swirls the energy around in the given space. When a room has a light, happy atmosphere this will impact your immune system, your mind and your mood.

2. Use Amethyst crystals
When you place a cut onion in the fridge it absorbs the surrounding toxins keeping the other items in the fridge clean and healthy. Likewise, the amethyst crystal will absorb and clear negative energies nearby it. The blessing of the amethyst is that it won’t turn black as the onion does because it has the ability to clear the toxins and thus it does not retain the harmful frequencies.

3. Visit an Energy Healer
Mark Bind is a certified and internationally trained energy healer. Mark has been assisting people for many, many years to clear blockages in their personal livers, careers and health, using a process of cleansing the energetical anatomy of the person. Mark also clears the energy in work spaces and homes. Based in Cape Town, Mark sees clients in person and also online as well as remotely. To contact Mark: /

Mark’s interview in our ‘Releasing Addictions’ series will be available on our YouTube channel from 9 May 2021. Click here to subscribe to our channel and be automatically notified when new holistic health videos are available.

Be the energy you want others to absorb” – A.D. Posey

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