Code your limbic brain with Self-Love

Lack of self-love and self-worth result in repetitive destructive experiences such as addictive behaviour. Where does the root of this cycle come from?
It has bee proven by psychologists world wide that when the emotional body is overwhelmed during the formative years, then behavioural patterns follow that include the inability to cope with stress, addictions, emotional upheaval and learning disabilities. 

Researchers in the field of prenatal psychology, namely, Dr. Thomas Verny, Dr. David Chamberlain and Dr. William Emerson show that an overwhelming amount of physical conditions and behavioral disorders, are the direct result of traumatic gestation time and complications during delivery, including unnecessary mechanical interventions and an overdose of anesthesia.

During gestation and early childhood, the cortex thinking mind is not fully developed thus it is the limbic system which registers all of our sensations and feelings.  The memories of this early formative stage lives in the body the rest of our life whether we know it or not.

We come into this world wide-open to take in what every comes our way. When we receive love we accept it as the norm and when we receive anger or fear we accept that as the norm too.  Whatever is given to an unborn, newborn or young child is imprinted into their nervous system as the way of being. If a first impression is anything less than loving, such as painful, frightening, lonely, then that is what transfers into cells as a “comfort zone”.  Regardless of how painful, frustrating and undesirable a sensation is, if this is what is imprinted during the formative years, this is what becomes the surrogate for love.  Automatically, the conditions that were imprinted at birth and through our early childhood, repeat themselves throughout the experience of life, all the way through into adulthood.

The good news is that the limbic can be reset through the Birth into Being method known as Limbic Imprint Recoding. This gentle process of reworking the birth memory cognitively, emotionally and physically, allows the whole being to accept new information on all levels. The Birth Into Being method directly transforms your Limbic Imprint so you can access your ultimate potentiality.

Click here to watch a presentation on the Birth into Being methodology and the Limbic Imprint Recoding process.

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