5 ways to Love your liver

Cleansing the liver supports digestion, heart health, eye sight, the skin and much more. Along with detoxing the body, the liver is responsible for storing minerals, Vitamin A and iron.

Do you struggle with:
high acidity levels
blurry vision
skin discolouration?
These are all symptoms of a liver that will benefit from a cleanse.

Five ways to love your liver
1. Cut out >> alcohol, sugar, processed foods.
2. Do add daily >> lots of dark leafy greens, lukewarm water, garlic.
3. Super supplements >> Milk thistle and Dandelion in capsule or tea form.
4. Sleep well >> good quality sleep helps the liver to detox.
5. Exercise regularly >> walking and stretches which twist the waist activate the liver.

Click here to watch an eight minute guided stretch routine for cleansing the liver.
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Do you know:
Anger, rage, deep frustration and bitterness are emotional indicators of the liver. Clear the roots of these emotions and your liver’s health will improve.
Need assistance to clear emotional debris?
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