Death to addiction, yes to life

We all having cravings of some kind. When cravings and reactions to cravings continue, then this becomes a cycle of addiction. Dr. Arien van der Merwe, an integrative medical doctor, shares her top tips for bringing death to addiction and saying yes to life.

DISTRACT – have a cup of coffee or herbal tea.

ESCAPE – watch a movie or read a book, however avoid action or violence as this will heighten the fear often linked with addictions.

ALLOW, ACCEPT, AWARENESS – allow yourself to feel the addiction, accept that you are feeling this way, be aware of it’s control.

TIME OUT – use treatments or exercise to give the body and mind support, for example tapping, kinesiology (body-talk), reflexology.

HALT AND SWITCH – pause and then switch your experience to a different sense. For example: walk, dance, ground yourself in nature.

A Vagus nerve breathing technique to calm the mind and body

Place one hand over your heart, other hand over the stomach area.

Breathe in as you push out the belly.
Hold for two breaths.
Breathe out, let the stomach return to its original position, hold for two breaths.
Repeat for two to three minutes.

In order for change to take place you will need to practice patience and perseverance. Remember to celebrate the small changes! If, after practicing the above for 3 to 4 weeks and there is no improvement then there is a subconscious pattern which needs to be dealt with, with the help of a facilitator.

Dr. Arien is available for consultation to support you through you transformation holistically.
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Click here to watch the full length interview with Dr. Arien about addictions, available on our You Tube channel.

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