We have a formidable team of experts who are fully equipped to help individuals move from stressful or mediocre living to a revitalised and enriched life. Register to listen to these holistic health specialists on their complimentary webinar ‘Inside Insomnia’ 16 – 23 October 2020.


Mind-Body practitioner, Kinesiologist

With over 20 years’ experience in mind-body programs, focusing on mental health and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle, Helen is dedicated to empowering people through health education. 

Helen’s specialities include:

  • Anxiety Management
  • Nutritional Assessments
  • Psycho-Spiritual processes.

Helen is a skilled speaker and an author of 2 books published through Balboa Press. 

Helen has a teenage son.

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Natural, integrative medical doctor

Dr Arien van der Merwe is a natural, holistic, integrative medical doctor since 1995.

Arien is also a medical specialist in workplace wellness, teaches stress management & relaxation techniques, incl. mindfulness, and emphasises youthful living and longevity. She is an experienced public speaker, facilitator and trainer.

Arien is an internationally published author. Along with partner and daughter, Anri van Rooyen, she owns Ariani Health Solutions and The Weight Control Clinic started by Dr Gauché in 1974. Arien is the mother of 3 adult children.

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Music & TV Biz personality

Well known SA singer and music producer, Mynie Grové is also known for her talent in business development. 

Mynie manages a publishing catalogue of her own material of 450 compositions which includes ‘Sweef soon ‘n arend’.

Her ad hoc ‘AMAGROOVE YOUTH CHOIR’ has performed with Josh Groban and Diana Ross and toured SA with Michael Bublè in 2007.

Mynie has her own story of insomnia to share in this webinar.

Mynie is also a life coach.

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Ayurvedic Wellness practitioner

Salochanee Reddy is an Ayurvedic Wellness Educator certified by Dr Deepak Chopra. 

Salochanee has an extensive background on Ayurveda, holistic and complementary health and wellbeing.

Ayuverda focuses on wellness through balancing mind, body and spirit.

Salochanee is the founder of the the EQuilibrium Holistic Integrative Health & Wellbeing Centre in Saxonwold, Johannesburg.

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Chiropractor. Functional Wellness Specialist. Health & Lifestyle Coach.

Using his unique and personalised Triad of Health model, Kevin specialises in helping people create a stress FREE, anxiety FREE, worry FREE and uncertainty and overwhelm FREE lifestyle.  

With over 35 + years of experience, Kevin’s passion is to educate, empower and enrich his patients 
and clients with the tools and practical techniques
to find, and apply, their life purpose, reclaim control, enjoy a feeling of perfect calmness, build self-confidence and self-worth, manage stress and radiate vibrant health.

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