Top frequently asked questions

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared earlier this year that the main contribution to burnout is workplace stress. With that in mind, stress, which manifests in the mind, can have a direct effect on our bodies. With our Mind-Body Programs, which encompass a variety of workshops, presentations, assessments and further implementation of suggested and sustainable food sources, supplements and exercises, we can assist your staff on managing stress effectively. In addition, we focus on the wellness program you currently have in place or the lack thereof and make suggestions on what we feel will work best to suit your company culture and business as a whole. Our approach is one of a customised plan based on your company’s and staff’s needs.

Like brushing your teeth, mental health and physical health need daily attention. Within our workshops, we teach skills which can be used daily and easily for consistent and stress release. Continued use of these skills will see sustainable and maintainable rewards over time.

Very often, top management and business owners do not realise the stress which their staff members are going through. And, if they do, they are not equipped to handle or manage the situations. With a quality Wellness Program in place, staff can reach out when the need arises to professionals who can adeptly assist them with health and wellness issues. A recent Forbes article reported that employees don’t know where to go to when they experience financial worries, feelings of burnout and understanding personal self-care, and further they worry about privacy issues. A Wellness Program gives employees peace of mind and has proven to increase retention, productivity and that competitive edge.

Gone are the days of hiring purely for skill and experience. While those elements are important, many HR Managers and business owners are looking more at the level of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) within the candidate pool. Stats show that those who have a higher EQ i.e. their mental health and emotional wellbeing is sound, have a more positive effect on the company as a whole, on their colleagues and on themselves and their future with the company. They handle pressure healthily, can aid and assist their colleagues and clients better, they listen well and on the whole communicate better, are open to suggestions and feedback, are empathetic when required, set a good example to others, and work more efficiently and make better decisions. Companies who adopt this way of working with their staff have a definite competitive edge.

Work affects mental health - make sure your staff have somewhere to go when the going gets tough!