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Nutritional Test

Find out what your antioxidant level is and if your current eating plan is working for your body type. This is a key combo to determining how well the brain functions. When your brain understands what the body needs, it can accurately utilise the correct food, supplements and activities supplied.


We offer a wide range of natural supplements to suit every age and body type in the family.  One of our health professionals will be able to assist you in making the appropriate choice to suit your short term and long term needs.

Frequency Treatments

Specific frequencies have the ability to expel bacteria, pathogens and viruses. Our frequency machines are of advanced technology and used by doctors throughout SA. Machines are available for home use as well.

Online Slow-Stretch Classes

Join our free online class on zoom, every Thursday 5-5.30pm (SAT). All movement is slow and low impact. Each class focuses on a specific meridian, stretching the muscles and organ related. To join the class email your mobile number to Helen.

Mindfulness Workshops

We teach self-awareness exercises to expand the functionality of the brain and the physical body. These can be used at regular intervals throughout the day. Mindfulness strengthens the connection between the brain and the body empowering self-healing.

Stress Release Workshops

DIY skills are taught in this workshop, aiding the release of stress, anxiety and tension in the body, mind and emotions. The techniques taught can be used at a desk. A regular, daily 3 minute routine can make the world of difference to improving the immune system.

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